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Comment by Jo Bill on June 6, 2012 at 4:36pm

Gizmo finally was able to be groomed after his accident.  It had been about 9 weeks ---- waaaaay too long!  I had tried to comb him a few times, but apparently wasn't doing a very good job.  His coat was so matted ... and by matted, I mean woven into a solid rug by his skin but fluffy on top ... that he had to be shaved.  Even his beautiful tail had to go.  Boo Hoo!  The groomer was so upset that she had to trim him so close, but she did a good job.  She thought we were going to be horribly upset or angry, but we told her to do what she needed to do.  It couldn't be helped.  For several weeks, Gizmo couldn't/wouldn't lay on his non-hurt leg side or stand for any length of time, so there was no combing that side out.  When I finally could get to comb/brush him, I just couldn't do the job right.


This is a lesson to me, and I hope to others:  If you let their hair grow long, be prepared to brush and comb on a DAILY basis - no if, ands or buts!  And by growing their hair long, I mean even an inch or two.  I can't imagine having a Doodle with the long wavy coat and not having him professionally groomed at least once a month. 


I had always thought that "matting" meant the little snarls and balls forming in their coat.  I quickly learned that it's also having the hair compressed so badly that you can't get a comb through it.  I really thought I was reaching his skin when I combed, but was surprised to find I wasn't even close to it!


Anyway, now he's beautiful with his short coat.  He feels so much better ... he's been frisky and playful and happy ever since he got groomed.  With the heat that is coming, I think he'll be so much happier and cooler.  He does look like a different dog, though.  But then he does something "Gizmo" and I realize it's still or no hair!  LOL

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