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  • Georgia Goldendoodles

    10 members Latest Activity: Feb 14, 2019 Anyone living or from Georgia who loves their sweet doodle!


    6 members Latest Activity: Aug 18, 2016 Hey out there all you Oregonians-let's share our 'Doodles' experiences~their owners need 'support' on these energetic little darlings!

  • Arizona Goldendoodles

    12 members Latest Activity: Jul 25, 2016 Lucy, Ethel and myself would love to meet other goldendoodle owners in Arizona. 

  • Mini/Petite Goldendoodles

    40 members Latest Activity: Mar 9, 2017 A place to share specific concerns, questions or stories related to Mini or Petite Goldendoodles

  • Florida Doodles

    41 members Latest Activity: Feb 4, 2019


    Do you live in Florida and like getting together with other doodle owners?  I would like to start setting up some romps if others are…

  • Fresno Doodles

    3 members Latest Activity: Jul 11, 2016

    A group of doodles and their owners who get together for Doodle Romps.

  • English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles

    30 members Latest Activity: Jan 20 We have the most amazing ENGLISH Goldendoodles & Schnoodle Owners in the whole World, We invite you to join our Doodle Family

  • Blueridgepuppies

    2 members Latest Activity: Aug 17, 2016 Welcome to blueridgepuppies group.

  • Millpond Doodles

    22 members Latest Activity: Oct 28, 2016 Welcome to Millpond Doodles Community....It's a place for both past and future owners to share stories and keep in touch with other litter…

  • Northwoods Goldendoodles

    6 members Latest Activity: Dec 31, 2014

  • Moss Creek Doodles

    5 members Latest Activity: Apr 1, 2009 Welcome Moss Creek Doodles owners!

  • Rosewood Kennel

    53 members Latest Activity: Oct 31, 2016 A place where Rosewood Kennel families can get together to share their experiences, photos, plan upcoming Doodle Romps and have fun with their…

  • 4 Paws Labradoodles

    9 members Latest Activity: May 12, 2009 Welcome to 4 Paws Labradoodles Families!

  • Corinth Doodles

    15 members Latest Activity: Sep 6, 2010 Welcome Corinth Doodle Families! I hope that you can all use this forum to talk to each other and to keep us all up to date on what's going on with…

  • South Eastern Pennsylvania Doodles

    1 member Latest Activity: Oct 18, 2017 South Eastern Pennsylvania Doodles

  • Obedience Training

    24 members Latest Activity: Mar 9, 2017

    Training any dog can be fun, rewarding (for both the Doodle and the owner) and yet can also be quite a challenge. It is my belief, thus far, that…

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