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Howdy, our 4 month GoldenDoodle boy Amos has discovered that he is tall enough to eat off the table!  He's generally pretty responsive to "no" - but not in this case... he'll guzzle as much as he can until someone pushes him back down.  Any suggestions?



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Well, what worked for us...

I set up a scary trap with things that wouldn't hurt my dog when they fell but would make a lot of noise.  Like light-weight pans and lids, and tethered them to something she'd likely try to steal from the counter (table).  The set up was such that they'd likely only fall onto the counter if the item were taken (think house of cards kind of configuration).  I then left the room for as long as it took to hear the crash.  Rushed back into the room, and made a big deal out of consoling my poor scared puppy (something you would never do if trying to teach a dog not to be afraid of something - that's the point, to make them afraid!).

I don't recall what food item I chose, but the person who suggested this training exercise said a bagel would work well.

This worked, although I have to admit that I have one dog that is tall enough, and smart enough, to nibble on food items within her reach if I'm silly enough to leave them there.  One day, (years after the training event), I had baked some zucchini bread and had it cooling on the counter, far enough back, I thought, so the dogs would leave it alone.  Ha.  I wish I had taken a picture - Nessy was standing there on her hind legs, front paws neatly tucked against her body, straining her neck so as to nibble the edge of one of the loaves of bread.  She was being very careful not to touch the counter.  So perhaps this method only goes so far...

Good luck!

Thanks so much, I'll give it a shot!

Let me know if it works for you too.  It's all about making sure you let your pup know that what just happened to them is very very scary, (think major drama!  "Oh poor baby", "what happened", "you poor thing",  all while cuddling and consoling, put on your acting hat,  LOL :)


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