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Hello Doodle Lovers! I’m needing advice. My girl Zuzu is a gem and I’m totally smitten with her. However, I’m sure others aren’t feeling that way right now. She’s 4 months and 43 lbs. jumping on visitors seems to be her Big hello. Obviously this is unacceptable. How can I help her learn not to do this. Yes, I’ve read books, but any first hand advice is appreciated!!
Suz Mom of Zuzu

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Suz:  Zuzu is about the same size Pemon was at 4 months old.  He's 110 now.   They told us he would be around 65 lbs.  LOL  I hate to say it but he grew out of the jumping part, but still greets people.  He loves anyone and everyone.  Don't let the burglars know.  LOL.    We never crate trained him, but when we tell him to go to his cage, he opens the door and in he goes.  That helps.  Good Luck

Thanks Grace. Zuzu will sit and settle down if the person knows to tell her to sit. Well, not always, she’s easily distracted by...EVERYTHING! Ha. We were also told she would be around 65 lbs but they had a pup that reached 90 from a different litter, same parents.

When our boys were younger and just as big we would always leash them when visitors came. If they attempted to jump we would yank the leash and say "Down" . Sometimes we would have to do it over and over again. Also always told visitors to not greet the boys until they were quiet and sitting nice.  After about a month of this, they learned and now they sit for all visitors except the ones that allow them to jump up and greet them.

Thank you! That’s what I have read. I’m going to try and be more consistent!  She really seems to “get it” into a distraction comes along. Which in her case is most anything! Ha! 


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