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Hi all. we got Raven on Saturday. She is about 7 weeks old. She does pretty good going when we take her out. Today hasn't been such a good day. We are going to invest in some bells but my concern is we have a split entry home and we taker her to go potty downstairs. Wondering if we should have 2 sets of bells?? one for upstairs near the banister to go down as well as bells right by the door we take her out?? We spend equal times both upstairs as well as down because I do daycare in the basement primarily but at night and weekends we are upstairs. thanks for your help!!

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It takes time Tammy. Whatever you decide to do, just be consistent with it. Two sets of bells would just make it easier for her to find them. She's young, lots of love and praise and frequent potty visits outside works best. Good luck.

yes I do realize hard to know exactly when they need to go out. we have been doing every hour to hour and half and she usually goes. im hoping with the bells she will be able to tell us vs. us telling her....

The bells work great, and I think 2 sets would be a good idea.  My only problem with the bells is that my doodle loves to go outside and uses them any time she wants to go out, not just for potty!  Just a word of caution - it took almost 5 months for my dog to get complete control of her bladder.  She has not had an accident since 5 months (she is 4 yrs. old now), but it was a long haul to get there!  I know many have doodles that trained very early - mine did not, and I had almost given up hope.  I also used treats outside to reward her for "potty" and that helped tremendously (Zuke's Mini Naturals are tiny snacks that work great! I even broke them in half so she wasn't getting a lot of extra calories)  Good luck!  I am sure she will learn fast!

thanks Dianne! She is so goofy. Im trying to get better at reading her cues. She hasn't really gotten the hang of the bell thing yet now does she go to the door....We take her out right away in the morning...she pees then poos a little then comes inside eats and not 5 minutes later goes poo again in the house...She acts like she is done by going to the door and wanting back in but yet makes no motion of telling me she has to go back out. Yes I did read that their bladders aren't fully developed until 4 months so im trying to be patient! :)

I have a doggie door to the back deck but I started him using the front deck and in a week he was putting his paw up on the door to go out. When the weather got warm enough to keep doggie door open he just got up and went out by himself. He is just now  going in the yard. I could walk him for 1/2 hr and he would come back and use the deck.As long as it's not in the house I'm a happy camper. In the winter I let him in the old patio (Used to keep wood ) it is completely fenced and much warmer. He uses either of 3 places to pee and poop. I noticed that in the morning he pee right away then want in but if I make him wait for 10 min he will poop. Then he eats poop 10 min later than aroun 11/12 he poop again. He did train early for his age. I didn't and don't give treats for good behavior or poop and pee but I give him lots of affection when he does what I want. More treats more poop....lots of good boy and caressing his head and kisses on the nose worked for me and him. However he does wake me at 5/6 am don't like that but when ya gotta go ya gotta go. I take his water away at 9 pm that is bedtime for him. Then about 11pm I let him out one more time sometimes he goes sometimes he don't but he does hold it till his morning not mine.TURBO WILL BE 5 MONTHS OLD JUNE 4TH. He was almost 3 months when I got him.


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