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Gordie is huge and right now is only 4 months old. He likes to jump on me and also nip at my back side when I'm walking him. He's ruining all my clothes. I know he's a a puppy and is playing for the most part, but it hurts and is very irritating. I've tried knocking him in the chest with my knee and saying NO sternly and shortening his leash and holding him back, but he's getting too big and strong for me to do that anymore. We usually have to end our walk early and I put him in his pen when we go inside. Any suggestions!

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Belinda, there are probably a lot of things you could do including no touch, no talk, no eye contact when he does the jumping, firm but not angry. He really needs to stop the nipping. When you walk him he needs to be on a very short lead so that he can't reach your backside. If you're not using a head collar (Gentle Leader) you might try that. I really gives you more control while he's on the lead and your shortened lead has a lot more effect.  It might be a good idea to find a puppy class to help address some of this behavior. He's only going to get bigger!! 

Gizmo used to do that too. I would stop walking....then step on his leash. If he tried to jump he wouldn't get very far. Once he settled down, I would give him a small treat and continued walking. Sometimes we wouldn't get very far and we'd have to do it again. He went through the nipping too. I couldn't even walk out is the house without him jumping and biting me. At first I grabbed the back of his neck and pushed him to the ground....telling him NO (but in a controlled voice). Then I taught him to SIT if it looked like he was going to be bad. I use the SIT command for anytime he's going to get in trouble. You can tell..LOL. You said you put him in his crate when you bring him in...I never used a crate, but others have said to NOT use the crate as punishment. The good news is...they do outgrow it somewhat eventually. Good luck. Keep us informed.

I would suggest working with Gordie about walking next to you. We had a trainer come out once and work with us and Harrison. We only use a cloth/nylon collar and regular leash.  She told us that we needed yank on the leash every time Harrison got to far in front of us or was not listening. We started that training with him at 5 months old and have maintained that same routine every walk. The trainer said that we would never be able to yank hard enough to hurt him. The other tip she gave us is to give slack in the leash. If you hold the leash to tight that can cause the dog to fight and pull. She said that he heeds to learn to be responsible for his own actions. We started with short walks with a lot of yanking, stopping and starting again at the suggestion of the trainer. Eventually we were able to increase the distance. Now at 9 months old we can take our long walk and Harrison is right next to me. When I stop he sits and waits for me to give the command "Let's go".  That one private class gave me a to of information. It takes a lot of consistency and repetition but Gordie will get it. Keep at it, don't lose faith.. 

Hugs and slobbers ,


  • The Gentle Leader made all the difference to us with this issue. People have used it with varying degrees of success, but Dulcie started jumping and nipping during our walks and this stopped that behavior immediately for us. Introduce it gradually and in a positive way with treats, etc. They do grow out of the nip/bite stage, but I still use the Gentle Leader on our walks to prevent jumping - they do like to greet people enthusiastically!   It is not expensive and well worth the cost (Amazon, Petco, etc. -  $15-25)
Thank you to all of you for the suggestions! I like the gentle leader idea. I've seen those on dogs before at Petsmart and wondered what they were. I watched a Video about it was interesting and just might work! Gordie is technically my son Ben's dog, but because he always bites Ben, he's a little afraid of him. I am the main disciplinarian. We both took Gordie to puppy class for six weeks, and it did help in some areas. He knows the basic commands, but is still stubborn about the jumping and biting. Since he's not disciplined on the leash yet, and also tinkles out of excitement when he sees people, I have not taken him on neighborhood walks yet. We have an acre, and I walk him around our land on a flexi leash.
I'll keep everyone posted on the progress...

thanks again for all the ideas!!!!
Thanks Carole...yes, a few others have also shared about the gentle leader...that sounds like a better way to go. It will keep me from getting so frustrated with him and yes I definately will keep it put away...he gets into everything! Steals our shoes and anything else in his reach!

Second on the Gentle Leader chewing. Eli has stopped doing that for the most part but I keep an eye on him, a couple of chomps and its done! We've gone through several.

Quick question on the "gentle leader" you ever use it in your home for any reason?

I have used a lead in the home in the past, and the Gentle Leader would certainly be helpful. I think it's important to use it as a training tool rather than a disciplinary tool. A four month old like Gordie, especially considering his size, might benefit from short lead control at home. Honestly, I'm so green at this. Chesney was only our fourth dog ever in over 40 years and he was a handful, Eli wasn't far behind. All of our previous dogs benefitted from being second to children! They just assumed their role and we had very few problems.

My little Rollie is 4 months old and he too likes to jump but I have been trying various tips from my breeders trainer which hadn't worked but at puppy school they taught us a different thing. As he jumps put your hand up and make a motion like you are pushing them away from the middle to the side and at the same time say a firm NO and MOVE.
It works really well and Rollie caught on really quickly Saturday and I have been using it yesterday and today.

right there with you!! Raven is 4 months as well. Yesterday as we were trying to go for a walk (she likes to put the leash in her mouth to take ME for a walk) I would stop and tell her to sit and not move until she stopped the jumping or mouthing the leash. We didn't get very far.....

my TURBO is 4 months old and 40lbs he also like to run and jump on me also you have to watch those little needle canine fangs. yes they are still puppies but the nipping and biting has to be controlled now. TURBO just got the top of my hand this evening. and put a half in cut enough to need a Band-Aid. When he does this I grab his muzzle gently and tell him no. It works for awhile until he gets excited again. I don't leash him cause I don't have to walk him I have plenty of land and no neighbors for him to bother. If I have to leash him I always use a harness. I found that my dogs didn't pull and walked better. You might try playing with him until he's tired before you walk him and it might settle him for walks .TURBO could be between 70 and 80 lbs when full grown. maybe a dog park where he can run will also help.


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