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I want Lily to be able to have toys but she wrecks them as soon as she gets them!  I bought the toughest dog toy from Kong that said "Tiger Tested" on the package.  I go back in the  room and see she has the stitching ripped off and pieces of the toy are on the floor.  The real task would be to have it "Doodle Tested."

I do give Lily Bully Sticks but I am looking for a toy she can throw around .  I have tried toys made of fire hose and no luck with any of them.  Anyone able to give me advice??? 

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I have the same problem with Gizmo. They sell a toy called the Jolly Egg. I got mine from They're not supposed to be able to pick it up, but Gizmo found a way to chew the end and carve grooves in the side. They replaced one for me for free cuz he destroyed it so quickly.

Right now he has a toy that I made out of an old pair of blue jeans. I cut a leg in three wide strips, sewed one end, braided the strips, then sewed the other end. I take it away if he lays down and just chews it...its an interactive toy. He lives to shake it, fetch it, and play tug.

That is just what I am looking to find.  The Jolly Egg met it's match with Gizmo!  What a smarty to figure out that it just needed some grooves!

We don't like body parts like hooves, bully sticks, rawhide because I'm squeamish.  I'm sure Benni is not but she doesn't get them.  The only thing she can't destroy and loves to chew are antlers, deer and elk.  The problem is they're super expensive so we need to find a source other than the pet stores.  My vet recommended them for Benni because she didn't care to chew on Kongs anyway.  I do throw them for her.  Benni has gone down on her Christmas antlers, from 9 inches to about 4 in this month.  Don't get the split in half ones - they go fast.  Try to find the thickest, full round with bumpy knobs.  The dogs love them and no animals are hurt - they shed them.  People who live where deer are could find some and cut them up?  Maybe?

Great idea!  I have never bought the antlers.  They would be great to keep her chompers white and sharp so she could wreck more toys!!  LOL!!  I will be getting an antler and thank you for telling me what to look at when buying them.

Sorry, but I've tried antlers, and Lily, my super-chewer, managed to crack one of her molars.  The Vet blamed the antlers - they're too hard... :(

Have a bit of luck with them liking the durable nylabones for chewing, rope toys for tug or toss, and kong balls for toss (fetch).  Also, beef tendons for chewing, which they may swallow when it gets too short, but it is completely digestible (I do try to remove it before they swallow, but sometimes they're faster than I am, lol ;)

This may be a stupid question, but ....... I've wanted to give Gizmo antlers.  I've heard everyone say they are wonderful.  BUT, I'm afraid that he will chew them down or a small piece off and swallow it.  I don't want him to get a sliver or small piece in his intestine that will puncture it, or caught in his throat.  When he was a puppy (about 3 months old), he swallowed a rawhide chew WHOLE!  It was about 6" long to begin with.  He had chewed it down to about 4" and all of a sudden, I saw him put his head back and swallow.  It was gone!!!!!


The antlers I've seen have been quite small and slender.  Are they really safe?  Do they splinter?  Can they be chewed down?

I don't get the little ones and they don't splinter - that's what my vet recommended them.  Benni ate an entire lamb tibia in 45 min. once and had a stomach full of splinters.  Get a big round antler and it should last a long time.  We've had a couple for a year.  No halved ones!

Thanks. Good to know.

Pedro had an antler that he picked up in the forest one time he visited his Uncle Wayne and he loved it. As Carlene says, they don't splinter and no animals are hurt in "acquiring" them because deer shed them naturally. So that one lasted Pedro a looong time and he chewed on it and remained interested in it for a while, but we must have thrown it out with a bunch of half chewed bones and nylabones so we got him another one, this time store-bought and he didn't even pick it up from the floor. He had no interest in it at all. I don't know why. As for cow hooves and other natural chews like that, I've heard from other people that they stain or worse, smell really bad. For that matter, Pedro gets smoked meat bones every now and then -especially when we need him to be occupied for a while- and those seem to be fine.

The original Kongs are the only toys that have lasted Pedro a really long time. Stuffies, as many of the Doodle Family and Friends on the site have heard, don't last him very long because he becomes Dr. Pedro, the surgeon, and he performs all kinds of sew-geries on them, amputations, dissections, squaeky-removals, ear, nose and tail-otomies, you name it! If the damage isn't too bad, Nurse Mommy (aka, Me) patches them up and gives them back and he definitely has a couple that are his favourite that have undergone several "procedures" and are still kicking around, but the majority end up in the garbage-morgue. LOL

However, Kongs stuffed with his kibble and special treats are the toys that I leave him with every morning when I go to work -it's our little routine- and he gets everything out, eats it and then naps. 
Pedro tried the "Jolly Egg" that Jo tells you about (I called it the "Eggy") and sure, Pedro couldn't pick it up with his paws or his mouth so he very quickly lost interest in it (in like 5 minutes flat) and we ended up giving it to his cousin Luka, a stubborn lab that ended up shredding it to pieces after a while.

We tried the cow hooves.  YUCK!  It was gross!  Never will do that again.  Gizmo tore through one of those in a day.  I bought a bone with stuff inside for him when he was a puppy.  He just recently broke he it open.  All the stuff inside was gone by then, though.  So, this week, I bought him another one.  He LOVES it!  But, his favorite thing is the braided tug toy I made him.  He cries for it when it's "put away".  He doesn't get it all the time cuz he CAN, and will, tear it to pieces.


I give Gizmo his Kong, too.  He won't eat out of his dish until I put some food in his Kong.  He picks it up and literally throws it down to get the food out.  Once that is empty, he usually goes to his dish and eats the rest.


I gave him a Bully Stick once.  It lasted about half an hour.  LOL

Update:  Gizmo finally tore apart the tug toy made out of blue jeans tonite.  It can be fixed, but he found a way to hold it and rrrrrip the strips.  He played with it less than a dozen times.  He loved thrashing it from side to side, though.  LOL  I'll make another.


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