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Finn's ear has vinegar smell and after looking inside, I could see some black looking gunk of some sort. Is this sign of an ear infection? He doesn't seem to be bothered at all by his ear. 

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When my dogs have gotten dark glunky stuff going on in their ears, I use Malacetic Otic to clean them.  If there is redness to the skin, I would skip this in favor of taking the dog to the Vet, as they can properly assess (see) what's going on.

If no redness:

What I have found is that the dogs hate having the room temperature fluid squirted into their ears (it feels cold!). So I instead take the cotton balls and get them soaked in the Malacetic Otic, and then use my finger to gently squish it down into the ear a bit (not too far, don't want to have to use tweezers to get it back out).  Repeat until the glunk is no longer visible.  Expect head shaking afterwards, and the dog may enjoy having their ear rubbed at this point.  You can safely use Qtips too, as a dog's ear drum is way deep in their ear and there is a "dog leg" bend in the ear canal that pretty much prevents going too deep.

Confer with Finn's Vet or Groomer for more direct advice and training. ;)

thank you for the reply. I cleaned it out myself, and he hasnt been bothered by it since. :) 

I think you should have the vet look at it.  Once Picco had gunk built up in the hair really deep in his ear, not an infection yet, but the vet pulled it out.

We took Pemon to the Vet.


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