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Milo is 5months old now, and he still gets car sick.  It started right away, when we picked him up and brought him home.  I wanted to take him with me daily to take grandkids to school etc. but he is miserable in car.  Any suggestions or advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated.  I want to be able to have him be my car buddy!

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I know some folks swear by ginger.  I searched this community and found one discussion -

I know Blue has been using this trick for years.

Hope this helps!

Towels and blankets to clean up the mess.  Most of the time they just grow out of.

Eli got dreadfully car sick but outgrew it before he was a year old. Now he loves car rides! Hang in there. In the meantime keep lots of paper towels etc. We use a back seat cover especially for dogs. Waterproof. Try the ginger option too. Might just work. Poor Milo, hope he outgrows it soon. Eli was pretty good at around 7 or 8 months.

Thanks for your suggestions, I am thinking about trying ginger, will keep you posted on progress

TURBO got car sick until I talked to my breeder and I make sure I make all my errands etc early morning and I only give him a small portion of his food. When we get home I give him the rest. Also I live up on a mountain and I noticed that all windows had to be open about 2/3 inches and take the winding roads slower. He's been fine ever since.


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