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Hi friends! I'm new to this group and was wondering if anyone lives near Orlando or surrounding cities and would be interested in getting a play group together! I'm in Sorrento, which is in between Mount Dora and Lake Mary -- but we are willing to travel to other surrounding areas as well :) I have a F1 goldendoodle named Molly, who is a little over a year old.

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Hello !!
We are in the Sanford/Lake Mary area.
We would love to meet up !!

Oh, that is so close! Yay! Have you been to the dog park there in Sanford? Maybe we could meet there, unless you know of somewhere better in that area!

Hi! We are in Daytona Beach, not too far away :) We'd love to get together!

Hi Jen! We love Daytona :) Not too far at all! I wonder if there's somewhere in the middle we could all meet up, or are you ever in the Orlando area? We have some great parks here!

We would love to meet up there !
Hi! We're in the Daytona/Palm Coast area. Actually have a son in Sanford. We'd love a doodle get together. Carly will be a year old in a couple weeks. She's never played with other doodles so it would be great fun.
There is a really great dog park in DeLand called Barkley Square. It's huge and has a big lake for the pups to swim. It's mostly grass too (except right around the lake). We love it!

I've actually heard the DeLand one was great!! We've been wanting to take Molly there. That sounds like a good area to try... would anyone be interested in meeting on Saturday, or is that too short of notice??

I'm down! It's supposed to rain on Sunday so Saturday would probably be better :) I'd prefer something a little earlier in the day, too. 

Just curious.  Did you guys ever get to meet up?

I can't speak for the others but sad to say I never did. We were out of state the weekend in October that was mentioned, and after that just got caught up in the holidays.

Hi  fellow Floridians.

I live in Orlando near the airport.  Love to get together with others near by.



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