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Love to see other doodles (and the mom and dads) when the pups start to feel better and the vet says it's OK.  I am in Longwood/Wekiva just by Lake Brantley.  I also need support and friendship after some very hard times with my sick doodles, who are recovering and finally putting some weight!

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Going to adopt a doodle in Florida, How are your doodles?? What happened to them??  Prayers your way!!!

They are doing great.  Where in Florida are you?

Are you interested in a doodle get together in the Lake Mary area ?
We are interested in play date anytime !

Hi I hope all is well. I saw your post you live in Wekiva I live in Errol Estate very close by. I have a very large Doodle her name is Lilly extremely friendly with a lot of energy. I work part-time from home so my schedule is pretty easy to meet and greet if you like, let me know.

Moma sorry to hear that Romeo and Fabio were sick, but glad to hear they are on the road to recovery.

Grace and Pemon, The Gentle Giant


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