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I want Lily to be able to have toys but she wrecks them as soon as she gets them!  I bought the toughest dog toy from Kong that said "Tiger Tested" on the package.  I go back in the  room and see she has the stitching ripped off and pieces of the toy are on the floor.  The real task would be to have it "Doodle Tested."

I do give Lily Bully Sticks but I am looking for a toy she can throw around .  I have tried toys made of fire hose and no luck with any of them.  Anyone able to give me advice??? 

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You're such a pawsome Mommy, auntie Jo. Cousin Gizzy sure is s lucky Doodle boy and he's also pawsome! Loving paws from Pedro.
Thanks...I try. Its not too hard cuz I love him so much! :)

One thing I have found that I can throw for the dogs that they don't destroy is a rubber hockey ball.  I think it's pretty solid and they haven't been able to chew it, unlike the tennis balls that they play with.  They love to play fetch, but if I don't remember to bring the balls in, they're destroyed.  You might try the rubber hockey ball and see how that works.  You probably want to throw that outside because it's solid and you wouldn't want to hit something inside with it (or Lily outside). 

Frankie is our golden doodle and is just over 2 years old. He is a chewer! My gosh! It doesn't like any of his toys to have legs or arms and if they have a small tag on them, it's gone! He has destroyed so many toys. It's funny, because he has a few toys that are still good and he takes care of them. They are the chosen ones! I just ordered through Amazon this toy call the Fish. They claim it can't be chewed up and it squeaks. He LOVES squeaky toys!  We also have bought him antlers. He loves them and they don't splinter. They are the best things ever. I keep thinking he will quit destroying his toys so I keep buying them. Silly me...but give him a tennis ball and he will keep that for ever. That is his favorite! 

The only indestructible toy I've ever come across is the largest black extreme rubber Kong. Picco does have a stuffed, with squeaker toy shaped like a bone. I think he doesn't tear it up because it doesn't have anything sticking out like legs, ears, whatever. The squeaky kong balls last long as long as I get a size slightly bigger then his jaws. If he could chomp down hard then the seams break loose. That is what he has in his profile pic - the big green apple!

nylabones are the best ever... They cannot chew them up and they are excellent to keep teeth clean and tarter down. Our vet recommended them after we had our other dogs teeth cleaned.. 

Also believe it or not there is a spiny squeaky ball made by toys r us that Harrison loves and plays fetch with he also can squeak it to death..

try tennis balls they take a beating Shelby will lay and peel the fuzz off them but they last for ever

I have kong hard rubber toys for TURBO and I fill them with treats so he has something to work for and not kill the toys. I also have the large knotted rope toy and he chews on it and hasn't destroyed it. Also on amazon you can get the large everlasting ball and it has a disc that is a treat one of my dogs learned how to pop the disc out but so far it works for TURBO. Also try the brain game toys that hide treats and they have to move the covers to get the treat. Also a ball called a FOOBLER that runs on batteries 2AA you can set the timer for 15 min 30 min 60 min 90 min. When it's time for the ball to dispense treats (IUSE KIBBLE) it makes music and rolls on  the floor...good when you have to leave the pup alone. I did buy him the duck Kong toy with a ball squeaker in the belly he hasn't been able  to destroy it but I bought one for my neighbors dog and 2 hrs later he had the  ball out and killed the duck (LOL) then he doesn't bother with it. Also you could try the elk antler for chewing. Don't have any other suggestions I did tie old socks together and he likes tossing them around.

TURBO needs a lot of play time with me. If I get him good and tired he is much better in being good.

My boy is the same way I have found for in the house flat animals it's almost wreck proof and last far longer. Another toy he loves is a ball for him to fetch which has jagged slices for them to bite in and we've hat this ball now almost a year and it goes everywhere with us even the dog park. It's multi dog tested...and of course we give him the usual bully sticks too. Frisbees well we have gone through many of them. His little girl friend just received a new block by chuck it which they both are playing rough and is in perfect condition. We are going to order one for our home too.


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