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I had done research on the Goldendoodle and decided they would be a perfect match for our family.

We went to the breeder and this one little pup kept on jumping up on my legs.  Lily picked me and has been a part of our family.  I knew she was the special one!!


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We lost our 5 year old Wheaten terrier and researched dogs friendly with kids, other dogs, and everyone and labradoodle was our choice.  This would be by far the biggest dog we've ever had after a lifetime of medium sized dogs but we love every pound of Benni.  We found her in Utah so drove 14 hours to pick her up.  Oh, and stayed 3 days with Utah family too.  lol  She does loves all other dogs, all children and most adults.  Some adults she does act a little shy with but no aggression anywhere. 

Thank you for the reply Benni and Carlene!!  Benni sure was worth the 14 hour ride.  What a perfect fit for your family!!

I also did research on Doodles and decided that was the dog for me!   Not too big; not too small; just right!   There were not any breeders in Oregon for Goldendoodles, but lots of them for Labradoodles.   I ended up looking at Goldendoodle breeders in different states and decided on one in Ohio.   She breeds her Miniature Poodle with a small English Golden Retriever and that's the cross I was looking for.   Plus I fell in love with a picture of one of her puppies that would be available for adoption in mid November 2012.

To be continued...Sunny is calling!


Terry had decided he wanted a Golden Doodle long before we actually looked for one.  We had a Golden/Lab mix and when he had to be put down because of age & illness, we decided "no more dogs" for quite a while.  We wanted freedom to travel and not worry about a pet at home.


One day a neighbor was walking her Golden Doodle and we both fell in love.  We told her if her dog came up missing, we would be the culprits!  LOL  But, we still weren't ready to have the responsibility of another dog.  When Terry got sick (auto-immune disease) I wanted to get a dog right away.  He still said no.  About two years later, he was in a customer's home ... he owns a heating & air conditioning business ... and they had a beautiful Golden Doodle.  Terry had to stop there during the installation of a furnace and took me with him.  I played and loved the dog while he was downstairs with the installation.  I was in love!  It was less than 2 weeks later that we decided we wanted one.


I found a "breeder" and we drove two hours north to "look at the puppies".  The breeder wasn't exactly the best, but not horrible either.  We didn't want to pay a lot, so we felt we could deal with what she had to offer.  Both the Sire and Dam were on site.  Gizmo definitely has his mothers personality - loving, sweet, smart; and his father's coat - very tight, curly curls.


We brought all four puppies out into the yard and let them go.  All but Gizmo wandered away playing more with each other than giving us even a second look.  Gizmo was the one who pulled our pant leg, jumped at us to play and untied our shoes.  Yup!  Gizmo chose us and his personality has been exactly what it was then - Naughty, Mischevious, Loving, Smart, and a "Wild Child".  We wouldn't have it any other way!

Thank you for joining  the group, I am sure fun times are ahead!!  To lose a pet is so hard to digest,  I am sorry for your loss.  It sounds to me like Gizmo has all the wonderful qualities that make the Doodle so loving and wonderful!!   When you described Gizmo as naughty and mischevious you hit the nail on the head!!  Sounds like you found a great match for your family.  I can't wait to here more about your fur kid!!

Hi Carole!  Sorry about the loss of your  beloved Eddie.  I had also said no more when I had to but one of mine down 3 years ago.  Time does heal but our heart will not let us forget that special bond.  I just love the name Louie.  I do not think there is such a thing as go look at a Doodle pup.  They are so cute!  That must have been a long three week wait after you picked him out!!  Thank you for sharing!!

Carole, Congrats on Louie. That is a great name for a great dog. We put our half Lab half Cocker Spaniel 15 year old dog down last April. We got her as a puppy. We thought like others said we'll travel etc but we are missing a dog so much. We put our deposit down and have 5 more weeks to go. I am writing now because I am sure once the puppy get here my life for awhile will be different. Love your story. Enjoy Louie. 

Hi Carole,

Oh I think we will figure out the name when we see him. Our breeder has been amazing! She answers all our questions, she sent us E-Books for training, she e-mailed me a Smilebox of the puppies at 2 weeks and pictures of each of them. She e-mailed me photo's right after the birth and she posts lots of things on her web site. I have seen some of the puppies the Daddy has sired but this is the first litter for the Mom. Its been a wonderful experience so far! Best of everything with Louie!

My last five fur-babies have all been rescues.  My terrier poodle mix developed kidney disease last year (she was already blind from glaucoma) and after a long struggle had to be put down in Feb. 2012.  My other dog is a Jack Russell with lots of issues, including severe dog aggression, who prefers to hang with my husband. Gracie was my lapdog, so I missed her company terribly.   Gracie was already here when we rescued the Jack, so he was okay with her, but I was afraid to bring another smaller dog into my home.  i searched lots of  rescue organizations and found a female goldendoodle up for adoption.  Unfortunately after I had been accepted as an adoptive "parent", the organization informed me that the dog was actually a male and I knew my Jack wouldn't accept another male in the house. I lasted about a month searching for other possible rescues, but the seed had been planted for the sweet,  loving, goofy doodle .  I researched goldendoodle breeders and found one that had a thorough adoption application, OFA testing  and that would let us on the premises to see the parents, etc.  I found the pup I wanted on their website and drove three hours to make sure she was the one.  However, when I arrived and was introduced to the litter, Dulcie (formerly Coco) was the one who followed me around the pen.  As with so many of you, my dog picked me.  So, I came home with a different pup than the one I selected, and I feel it was meant to be. I can't imagine life without her now!

Diane and Dulce thank you for sharing your story.  We will never forget our past loves in our life.  It sounds like you were picked out by your doodle.  I am suprised to hear this from so many people.  Once you meet a doodle it is all over!  The love they share with us is truly AMAZING!!  

Hi, I am Pedro. Mommy and I take turns writing on this Community because I have lots to say and so this time it is my turn, because I picked Mommy and Daddy. They had just moved into our new house and decided that they wanted a puppy so they did some research on Goldendoodles and how pawsome we are and they found the human mommy of my doggy Mommy who is a Golden Retriever. Doggy Golden Mama just had had me and my other 8 siblings (our Daddy was a foo-foo Standard French Poodle, heehee!), so Mommy and Daddy came to visit us and they started looking at me and my siblings and then Mommy picked me up and I gave her "The Look" and so she put me close to her face because she wanted to smell my puppy breath which is the sweetest smell in the world and that's when it happened. I licked her and she said "This is Pedro" (because they had picked my name before they met me) and I knew I had picked the right humans to be my Mommy and my Daddy that I would love so much and that would love me. That was 5 years ago and we've been very happy ever after. Loving paws from Pedro

Hi Pedro!  You are sure a sweet guy!  Your Mom and Dad sound like they love you sooo much.  Once you gave Mom and Dad "The Look" and smothered them with puppy breath and kisses your days of looking for your furever home were over.  Thank you for writing to us!!



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