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I had done research on the Goldendoodle and decided they would be a perfect match for our family.

We went to the breeder and this one little pup kept on jumping up on my legs.  Lily picked me and has been a part of our family.  I knew she was the special one!!


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Amy, this is such a great story. I too have research and picked a Golden Doodle. He is 3 weeks old now and we have 5 more weeks to bring him home and start our love affair with the new member of our family. Any pictures? I will post mine when I get him.

Hi Kristi!!  Congrats on getting a new fur baby!!  These next 5 weeks will be fun gathering all that is needed for your puppy.  Get all the rest possible now because they are so full of energy!!  If you go to my page I have many pictures posted of my GD.  I find it so much fun looking at all the members different dogs.  You can also learn a great deal and feel free to post any questions or concerns you might have before your new family member arrives!! 

I had found a breeder that had 2 left.. was easy choice for me as Bogey looked exactly like the doodle i imagined having and his sister looked like a little golden retriever with a perm on top of her head. When we went to meet the breeder at their house Bogey practically tackled us. SOLD lol

I picked TURBO off the internet from a breeder in Mo. I fell in love with him instantly and was happy the breeder hadn't sold him. He came to Pa. by van with animal techs taking care of him. As soon as they let him out of the van he jumped in my arms and I was crying like a baby.......He's the best fur baby to come into my life. I know I was supposed to get him because he hasn't left my side and all the way home he was licking my ears. I am so happy to have found that breeder on It was fate that brought us together.

I also had done a lot of research on the goldendoodle breed.  It took me several months of browsing the internet. Friendly, clownish, and a people pleaser among a list of other wonderful qualities I knew the goldendoodle was right for me and my family. Rory has picked me as his leader. I give him a command he listens pretty much anyway. Others can tell him the same thing. He will think about it.  You can see his brain working.. It is him thinking "maybe I will. Maybe I won't" He is such a big boy already. At 4 months old he weighs around 17 pounds

TURBO will be 5 months old on june 4th. He stands 23 inches tall and is pushing 50lbs. He is very lean. Muscle mass will come as he gets older. I think he is going to be one big doodle. I wanted a big dog this time around. I've always had small to the lower end of medium dogs. Also no shedding was a plus. Getting to old to push around a vacuum 3 times a day and waking up with more hair on me then the dogs. I only have one shedder now. She is a 5 lb Chihuahua named chaweenie cause she is so little. She is 16 yrs old and living the rest of her life with no rules. she always had her own set of rules. The only time she will respond to you is fi you say "DO YOU WANT TO EAT" If you keep saying it she will dance around on her hind legs and yawl at you. That's her excitement for the day and she goes back to the chair or my bed.LOL

I think Pemon picked out Mark. LOL


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