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A great water toy for your Golden Doodle, if he/she enjoys retrieving things is an empty container of folgers coffee. If you swim yourself take the plastic can out from the shore yourself and fill it with water. show the container to your Doodle.

Zoey jumps in the water like a swimmer jumping in from the edge of a pool and swims out to me. Just before she gets to me I push the container, filled with water now, forcefully down. It sinks about 6-8 feet and then slowly rises to the surface. Zoey has a pattern she developed to spot and retrieve the container. Sometimes she dive under the water when she spots it before it actually surfaces. Tons of fun for you both.

Be careful. if you're not a proficient swimmer. You pet may come close to you in their search. Dew claws can leave a nasty scratch.


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Another good exercise is Jogging Frisbee. If you can find an open field, church area, or similar terrain you can jog and throw the frisbee for your dog to run and retrieve. This means, if you already don't know, you train your dog to catch a frisbee (soft one if possible), retrieve the frisbee to you and be ready for another toss (by the way - if you don't know how to toss a frisbee there are excellent on-line sites to learn). It is imperative that you know your dog. Open spaces are rarely fenced in. Commands to stay, fetch and stop with relevant hand signals is important. Don't want to lose your pet to a tragic accident. If you are unable to jog or have difficulty walking the dog will always bring the frisbee to where-ever you are standing.

As with any toy a command like "leave it!!" is a way to get your dog to drop the frisbee for you after a retrieval.

See, it is easy to contribute your ideas for others to see!

Jim and Connie

Mostly my guys like to just run. They are not obsessed with any toys, although they will fetch, but get bored with that quickly. I jog with them almost every night, and my husband and I take them hiking. They Love the freedom to run amuck. Both love swimming. The best toys are the ones you don't buy. A 2 liter bottle or a milk jug are the best toys in the work to them. In the summer they go wild when we buy plants and they get to play with the empty containers.

Thats good. I use empty Folger plastic containers. Zoey really enjoys to fetch them from the water. She places them on the shore and dares me to try and take them back into the water. I have to retrieve quickly since she is very athletic and leaps about four to five feet from the shore to begin swimming. She is faster than I am. I hold the container between my legs in the water. I then throw up my hands to show her I don't have the container. She will circle me several times just to make sure. When she almost reaches shore I pull the folger can and slap it on the water surface. The whole routine is repeated as long as you want. Good game for both of us.


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